Our Story

BalzDog is the musical writer's name created by the solo artist Dano BalzDog. It is a Rock genre project that was created to reflect the artist’s vision of questions, wonder & the motive, pertaining to the darker side of reasoning in today’s world.

Dano’s musical influences began at an early age, when he began piano lessons. He learned to play the coronet and finally settled in on learning the skills of guitar playing at age 12. Growing up in a musical family meant being surrounded by different forms and styles of music. His parents taste for Broadway Musicals made him hear music in a more thought out and story driven writing style. This thought out story approach can be heard in some of his songs.   

At an young age, garage and basement bands seemed to be the path to collaborating with other musicians. He decided that Rock music was the genre to pursue. Much was learned and it didn't take a lot of time to realize that writing his own music and lyrics, was the direction he seemed most wanting to develop and pursue. He is keen to point out that everything he listens to and studies, directs his musical development and style in some way. As his musical ambitions grew, his style has developed into several sounds that he has made his own.

Playing and performing with various bands over the years has helped in the experience of audience appeal and learning the music business. Being involved in several different musical genre’s meant realizing that songwriting isn’t just about personal musical preference. Learning how to connect with fans and music listeners was just as important. But, he always gravitated back to the creative calling of his own songwriting. He understood that playing other artist's material was not fulfilling enough to satisfy his need to express, write, create and record.

Thus, in addition to other projects, the musical Rock project of BalzDog was created!